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Grain Dockage Testers and Cleaners

MCi is known for its quality products, exemplary service, and fine reputation in the grain industry. A family-owned company has been able to maintain its presence for over 35 years. 

Besco Testing offers sales, service, and parts for MCi products.

MCi Kicker

MCi Kicker provides fast, accurate, comparable, and consistent machine separated results from a grain sample to speed up your grain quality testing or to help you improve grain quality at your facility. Remove the most fair amount of material for your producers or grain companies with the MCi Kicker on your countertop.

The MCi Kicker simply requires the operator to start the system with the throw of a switch, pour a sample into the machine, and wait approximately 30-45 seconds. During the short wait, all the different fractions are separated into each collection pan for your final inspection and grading. The Kicker has proven that it can save you valuable sample process time, which in turn allows you much higher flow through traffic at your scale. The MCi Kicker provides accurate and consistent results comparable that has proven to virtually eliminate the questioning of your methods from your producers (compared to using hand sieves or other dockage equipment). The producers also like the fact that everybody is treated the same way and treated fairly!

Available in 3 or 4 Screen Models.

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MCi AutoKicker

Designed for high volume locations.  


Depending on setup the unit can automatically capture dockage, moisture, and protein of a grain sample.  

Newton Grain Cleaner

The Newton Grain Cleaner will quickly and efficiently clean most grains, and can also separate many mixed grains. It is available in several capacities. The unit delivers as a stationary or portable model. Stop paying to ship “trash” in your grain. Clean it out with a Newton Grain Cleaner.



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