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*Dockage Testers

*Grain Probes

*Moisture Testers

*New and Used Parts

*Protein Testers


*Sports and Fitness Supplies
*Test Weights

Sales / Service / Calibration


Scales / Moisture Meters / Dockage Testers



*Trade-in your Dickey-john moisture tester (working or not) for $1000 toward a new UGMA moisture or protein tester.  Contact us for details!

Moisture Meter

We service, repair, and certify all brands of moisture meters.  Over 14 years of factory trained Dickey-john service.

Authorized distributors of Dickey-john.  

Small Scale Service

Service, repair, and certify small scales (up to 1000 lbs).  

We are distributors of some of the best brands available.  

We can also get you discounted prices on parts for your large scales.  

MCi Kicker: Grain Dockage

Sales, service, and parts for MCi Kicker dockage testers.  

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